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US Car Flags

US Car Flags is a retailer and wholesale distributor of high quality American car flags. Our USA car flags are a great display of patriotism for parades, celebrations, events, July 4th Independence Day, Flag Day, car dealers, fund raisers, promotions, and more. Our car window flags are of superior quality to most automotive flags available. Quality dye is used for printing on premium 100% polyester fabric car flags.

car flag

Car Flags

Price: $5.95 ea.
Attaches to any Car Window
Flag Dimensions: 12"x16" Pole: 18" 
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Our hearts go out to all Americans at this time, particularly the US Armed Forces serving abroad. All of us Americans are called to work together, lend a helping hand, and to display our great nation's flag as symbol of our proud heritage.

Flag Stickers

Price: 2 for $4.95
Fits All Car Makes/Models
Decal Dimensions: 2.25" by 4"
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